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Get Online Leads
Lead generation is the key to attracting new leads with the potential to convert. It is important to diversify digital marketing strategies and tactics in campaigns to generate endless leads to keep businesses going.
Email Marketing
Custom email templates are designed by our email experts according to your brand needs wether it be for marketing or newsletter for increasing traffic on website.
Online Brand Marketing
Establishing your brand online locally and globally at lowest cost. You are able to present your brand across the globe. When somebody searching you get the right impression across the globe.
Content Marketing
It is bigger than ever; content creation and publication is at an all-time high, and traditional marketing budgets are being reallocated to content marketing efforts.
Removing negative and harmful materials, Maintaining brand protection via digital marketing, Increasing online visibility and strategic crisis management about your brand

Removing Negative and Harmful Materials

The most direct and permanent way to remove a bad search result from Google is to completely remove it from the Internet. Eradicating the content means Google no longer has the negative result to display, and anyone who searches for your name won’t be able to find it. However, getting content removed from the Internet is far easier said than done.


Any effort you can make in this area of reputation management is worth it, as Google search results for your name are one of the first places anyone will look when researching you online and making any kind of investment decision. Protect your reputation and work to own your search results today.
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Grow Your Business

Today your business success is largely dependent on your online presence. In fact, 86% of consumers will use the information they find online to help them decide what to purchase and who to purchase it from.

Business owners are left without practical answers to questions such as:

  • Can our customers find us?
  • Does our website encourage visitors to contact us?
  • What social media platforms should we be using?
  • How do we attract new customers?

From restaurants to plumbers – doctors to retail, no business can expect to succeed while doing a poor job marketing themselves. But where do business owners turn to discover the secrets of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing?

Why us ?

We have more than 17 years of experience in executing Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Affiliate Marketing campaigns for our clients

We Implement Strategies to Future Proof you from SEO updates. In fact, we have been Certified by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Being a global company, we have sales and service representatives available 24 hours Monday to Friday to answer all your Pre Sales or Support questions.

Team Strength
Team Strength With a staff of 250+ people, eBrandz is one of the Largest Search Engine Marketing Companies at a Global level.

Global Reach
With offices in 5 major Countries – New York, Noida, London, Victoria and Singapore, we have clients from all across the world.

We have successfully executed over 40,000 search engine marketing projects and we pride ourselves on being able to achieve this record.


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